Fly Fishing & The Promise of Spring

Whispers of Spring are wafting through the cool air this month preparing us for the season ahead. Some of us spring seekers are already plotting our outdoor adventures. Gear sitting at the ready by the door just in case a warm day comes early! The waters are thawing and the fishing season is right around the corner promising more days spent in the sun ahead! 
Fly fishing has a long history in this region of New York. When you consider how many sources of freshwater there are from beautiful creeks, to rivers, streams and lakes its unspurpring that fishing in its many forms would be an adventure of choice for locals and visitors alike.
We were recently paging through this gorgeous Fly Fishing book we stock at the shop. So many of the ideas resonated with us and our own brand values. Slowing down, observing nature, and taking pride in working with your hands to create something functional as well as beautiful. The author could have just as easily been talking about crafting one of our leather bags as he was about hand tying a fishing fly.
It was because of these similarities in passions that we crafted The Fly Fisherman's Wallet. An heirloom piece designed to house your unique flies in a display worthy fashion. Handmade in our NY workshop from 100% top grain leather and shearling wool these wallets will hold up adventure after adventure.
A piece for any angler looking to elevate his fishing gear and invest in something that will stand the test of time. We hope to see them out in the wild, broken in with a patina as individual to you as your experiences fishing out on the waters have been.

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