Storytellers, Entry No. 4 - Wading In


A note from Mackenzie:

Creating the Storytellers Blog Entries has been a wonderful experience in creative writing for me this year. Each photoshoot and entry has allowed growth and expansion for myself and our team. During this shoot, we were able to collaborate with three amazing local businesses:

Bell Creek Farm - a local flower farm based in Phoenix NY. Kyle brought an abundance of their spring tulip harvest for this photoshoot. They also sell their bouquets of flowers at The Local Branch store every Saturday in spring/summer and offer U-Pick and subscriptions at their farm.

Ginnie Hsu - is a local illustrator and artist who teaches illustration at college level. She is a published artist in many children's books and magazines. She was kind enough to showcase her artwork and also model for us during this photoshoot

By Bridget Photography - is a local Upstate NY based photographer specializing in wedding, family and product photography. Her candid, documentary style of shooting has really inspired me throughout our Storytellers Series. We've been lucky enough to have her photograph these creative writing entries and she's captured a lot of our product and lifestyle photography for The Local Branch throughout the years as well.

Lastly, a huge shout out to my aunt for allowing us to shoot on location at her camp on Skaneateles Lake and to Sidney & Aaron from our team for their great support on these shoots. 

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