Planting Seeds

For 2024 we wanted to zoom out and look at the year as a whole. To take the winter months to ideate on what assortment of handmade goods we should craft in the year ahead. We spent months bringing forward ideas for new leather goods, crafting prototypes, culling and refining until a holistic collection emerged. Reflecting back it is unsurprising that in this time of growth for the brand (the opening of our second location in Saratoga Springs) we were subconsciously drawn to the idea of planting.
As we plant new seeds for the brand we bring forward a collection of homegoods that encourage you to put down your own roots.
Nurture a small plant inside one of our tabletop planters.
Invest in a lovely basket to collect your garden trimmings or display other household beauties inside.
Hang a leather trivet near the stove or lay it down tabletop to nestle a hot pot on.
Set the table with napkin rings that will patina to tell the story of all the meals you've shared with loved ones. 
Display your bottles of wine in a leather bandolier as beautiful as they are.
Store your kitchen shears, wooden spoons, mail and all the accoutrements of daily life in our leather wall pockets.
Each of these items is crafted to bring magic to those simple acts of mundane life. Watch as these objects of everyday use age and weather over the months and years they are sure to serve you well. Welcome friends to The Local Branch Homestead Collection, we are so excited to host you. 

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