Gifting: An Origin Story

Why do we give gifts? 

There are numerous occasions that call for gifting both professional and personal. From weddings to corporate conferences each with their own gifting dynamic. This year we expanded our workshop offerings to include more large scale custom projects. Through this process we have met and worked with a variety of clients to create custom branded goods that bring their vision to life. The common thread amongst these projects has been their connection to gifting. This sparked our curiosity around the topic of gift giving and its cultural history. In particular the history of gifting in business.
From the beginning gifting in business has always been a way to show respect and appreciation, and to celebrate mutual success. Long ago these gifts would be thoughtfully chosen, handmade or homegrown it would represent both the giver and their feelings toward to receiver. As with many things, as society has evolved so has our relationship to gifting, especially in business. Often gifting today can be reduced to an item on the to do list. Our lives are so busy and there are SO many options that we find ourselves overwhelmed and making choices more out of convenience than a true love for the item we choose. 
At The Local Branch we are always trying to find ways that we can slow down and bring as much intention to the things we make as possible. We have a passion for getting back to basics and honoring history. That passion is why we are so excited to work with clients to bring the magic of a handcrafted thoughtfully chosen object to their gifting. We see this as a small step towards honoring the history of gifting and the original intent behind the practice. Our Custom Shop offers custom branding for a wide range of Local Branch leather goods. From marketing tokens for your small business, sponsor gifts for your fundraiser, branded goods for your retail shop, or favors for your wedding there are so many ways to work with us to craft something truly special!
Since 2009 we have prided ourselves on being 100% USA made. Harkening back to a time when you knew your maker and every purchase you made had a personal connection. It lights us up each time we are given the opportunity to assist other brands, companies, or individuals in shopping small and state-side! Seeing your branding come to life through our customization process brings us so much joy! Keeping in mind that business and overwhelm we mentioned earlier, we have streamlined our custom process to be as straightforward and easy for our clients as possible. Can we take something off your plate this upcoming gifting season? Check out our custom offerings HERE. Already know what product you are looking to have customized? Submit a Custom Inquiry Form HERE.
The opportunity is endless when it comes to customization - anything from custom Duffle Bags to Waxed Canvas Aprons and so much more. Partner with us on custom branded leather coasters, journals, key clips and more from our collection of Local Branch crafted goods.
 If interested in ordering please submit this Custom Order Inquiry Form and share more details about your project and we'll get a custom quote back to you. 

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