Earth Day At The Local Branch

Earth Day is coming up this month and the words "sustainable" "green" and "conscientious" are being tossed around in a way that can often times feel confusing and diluting. For us, a triple bottom line has always been a beacon. The constant conversation amongst our team about people, planet and profit - all important and vital in their own way. So how do we consider Mother Earth in our daily choices? 
While most people don't think of leather as sustainable, it is actually a byproduct, an otherwise wasted material. When we are pattern making, we use the bulk of the hide for larger bags, then instead of "scrapping" the remaining material, we design and cut patterns to yield the least waste and make smaller items. This is one of our team's core focuses.
Leather is such a sustainable choice from its status as a byproduct to its durability and utilitarian beauty. Read more about this on our Journal Entry Why + How We Use Leather
Sustainably Sourcing Apparel Through Domestic Production
We've always sourced apparel that's made in the USA. Our sweatshirts use cotton grown and milled in America. We design and print it all right here in Upstate NY. It is important to us not to choose the cheapest option - because there is a lot of unseen sacrifice in fast fashion. When you look at the bigger picture, the choice becomes clear - when you buy a quality item, and fewer of them, we begin to see how caring for what we already own is really caring for our Earth. Buy and wear things you are proud of, from the manufacturing to the final product, the investment is worth it!
We are highly conscientious of where our supplies and resources come from. While it's not always the most affordable option - purchasing from trusted sources as close to home as possible means we're limiting our shipping footprint, supporting small and local businesses, and believing in the future.

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