A New Generation of Apparel

Apparel has always been an important aspect of our brand. From the countless hours Blaine has spent hand painting designs onto screens, to printing thousands of shirts and sweatshirts by hand, it has been a labor of love. In the beginning there was a lot of education needed around why buying american made apparel was important. Why spend $48 on a Tee when you can get one for $5 at a big box store? Well the story, heart, and people behind the apparel is how we answer that question. If we want small brands and USA made goods to survive and thrive in our economy we have to collectively invest in those businesses and make it profitable for them to keep manufacturing in the US. 
In our newest collection of apparel we are proud to partner with a company that understands the importance of supporting American manufacturing. These new sweatshirts are made from cotton that is grown and milled right here in the USA. The sweatshirts themselves are cut and sewn in California which feels like a nod to our Local Branch roots!
Once the sweatshirts make their way to our workshop we sew on custom branded tags that proudly detail the apparels content and production process. These tags btw are also crafted in the US by another small business. Lastly the sweatshirts get separated into two categories, ones that will receive hand sewn patches and those that will be screen printed with our original designs.
This is a process we are deeply proud of. One that a lot of thought, care and love went into. When we wrap up one of these sweatshirts for you we think about all the hands that helped bring them to life from plant to final product. We hope that you wear them with as much pride as we felt while crafting them for you. 
Thank you for your interest and support of our little corner of this community!

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