Ula Solid Perfume Balm
Ula Solid Perfume Balm
Ula Solid Perfume Balm

Ula Solid Perfume Balm

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This signature fragrance captured in a solid perfume. A grounding scent with deep notes of smoky vetiver and red cedar, leading to green coriander and luminous rose. Beeswax lends a warm sweetness and beautiful texture to this perfume balm. A special collaboration, the brass container was designed by Takara and the packaging illustrations by Aidan Koch.

Each little vessel is unique and the lid is designed to twist on and off in just the right spot. We recommend keeping this on your alter or adornment table rather than taking it on the go as the balm could start to melt in extreme heat temperatures.

Ingredients: jojoba oil, beeswax, and a blend of essential oils and absolutes

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