Sweet Grass


Smudging is the ceremonial use of herbs to purify or bless objects, people, and places. Bad energy attaches to the smoke as it rises and dissipates, carrying negativity away.

Sweet Grass can be used on its own, or can follow a sage smudging - by nature, Sweet Grass has a lovely and yes, sweet fragrance - so it attracts positive energy to a space.

  • Sweet Grass braid bundle, approx 6 inches long.
  • Hand collected and braided by Native American elders in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Burn one end of braid, let smoke smolder (without a flame), gently waft smoke on yourself and/or your space, reflect ... extinguish. Please do not leave unattended.
  • Sweet Grass, along with all ceremonial herbs are sacred - please be respectful when using.

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