Incense Sticks


Handcrafted charcoal incense sticks made by small USA makers 19 Candles, based in Topanga CA. 

Certain scents can evoke a memory, a place, or an emotion. Here you'll find a collection of natural incense, inspired by Topanga Canyon, California. Bundle includes 19 premium charcoal sticks in recycled kraft packaging with letter pressed label.  

Scent offerings:

Camp Wildwood: Smoky/Woody. Memories of campfires and good times are conjured at the mention of Camp Wildwood, a long-closed retreat in the woods deep in the canyon, down by the creek. That unmistakable wood fire fragrance is captured in this tree sap-based formula. 

essential oils:
Birch Tar (top note)

Mesa Rain: Energetic/Sharp/Fresh. Mesa Rain evokes the fragrance of the air after a rainstorm, up beyond the shaded canyon, to the rocky mesa. Rock and sand spend six months relentlessly baking in the sun, when an unexpected summer rain releases this essence

essential oils:
frankincense (top note)
atlas cedar

Sacred: Floral/Sweet/Woody. Known as the "high place" by the indigenous Tongva people, Topanga has always been a place of spiritual and creative inspiration. This blend of Palo Santo and floral notes is a fresh offering to ceremonies in the canyon.

essential oils:
palo santo (top note)
ylang ylang

Love Fest: Wood/Leather/Sweet. Inspired by the lower Topanga lifestyle of the 60’s. The spirit of creativity and independence guided a small community of artists, surfers and dreamers that lived just off the beach at the base of the canyon. Now just marshland, the old “Rodeo Grounds” was witness to a lifestyle that didn’t exist anywhere else. This is my tribute to that place.

  • essential oils:
    patchouli (top note)

    Premium charcoal incense and natural essential oils

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